Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reality as a pet hate

Reality as a pet hate
Reality-when excessive
Sounding overdriven notes
Drives men to take cover
Seeking options to quell it.

Reality- negate or posit it
Or turn your back you may
Drawing apps and new ways,
Plying for situation control.

An earplug- born of needs
To nix the sound extern
Is deafness made wearable,
As if world has no words for you.

Or an earphone, still better
To fix a sound you like
As if it’s only one you’d hear
Though the world cries out loud.

Blindfold in its symbolic richness
Can hold the world at bay, a dark bay.
Window-blinds shut in
To let in just a beamlet;
Still reality stays and it says’
“You hear that you want
You see that you want,
But there is more and more unturned.”

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