Saturday, May 9, 2009

string of thoughts

watching dead leaves fall
from the cell through a window,
time seems frozen still.

when you stand on heights
and rain wets you,see it
falling on vales too.

two windows set near
one lit yet other not- as
opaque septum parts them.

sips by beak off puddle
crow slakes but aS man im forced
'drink safe lest guts crash

never candy melts
but chewed down unrelished- my
mouth chews by instinct

"love lost"
our love cedes, meeting
flesh of flayed realities
so we wed new lies

prose to set a fire
lovely hymns to quench- so my
prayer cycle recurs.

"rules to climb"
when you hear a gurgle
know your foot's on splay- climb up
or roll down, no stay.

sweet note,loved, treasured
crumbles in hand as i slumber
lethal lethargy!

id crush boulders, eat them
digest,filled, live by it, yet
tip over a pip-sized rise.

"spectres on ice"
icebed arctic melts,
a mammoth calf unveiled
haunts me back here home.

"drip drying"
clothes to dry, sun slips
wind blows, lost sun bemoaned
forgets- wind dries too.

'john's dead'-said in jest
the words flew, all johns fell dead
that's the thrust words wield.