Sunday, March 30, 2008


i always saw him shrouded in mysteries
and he was carrying some too.
i was gripped by admiration
he dropped in on my dreams
speaking cryptic allusions.
i never thought of him
when sleep parted my eyes.
it started when we started
speaking, it just crept in-
the disillusionment- he was
ordinary but climbing heights
i dont want to look at.
that was the secret in him
once known, i've never dreamt of him.
(rendering of a prose by ms s reka)

Friday, March 28, 2008

discourses on pain

O, its paining terribly, brother
why this irk at this late hour
know not what trouble brews
choking me all these weeks
O dear its but a reminder
all pain comes with tags
attached with no loose
ends,but neatly laid out
perhaps its a pain you bear
and so a loved one you spare
promptly of this woeful care
that way very sweet it fares
then i should want more pain
if i could, of the same vein
but dont send me all the same
until my restive soul is tame