Thursday, May 16, 2013

Didactic Doodle

Didactic Doodle

How bears an act of kenosis
On men who have sclerosis,
Who shirk and then share
When no more can they snare.

Gates to sky do they quake
While their prayers volley.
Wild struts and shams they make
To get them known as holy;

Smirch their foes by loveless slurry,
Smirk to see them weary,
Smile at their utter distresses,
Smite at their frail buttresses;

Lick the dust off devil’s feet even
To beg boons more then even.
Shoot their mothers with no qualms,
Loot their fathers equally calm.

How bears the kenosis,
Soon shall I give a prognosis:
Well, hell is no good place to be in,
Quell, hence, the riots within.So be it.

October 25,2006.