Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My first Night in Arunachal

August 23, Wednesday
Tezpur to Seppa
A tree came in a landslip
We are hitting a roadblock
River Kameng gurgling
Pitch darkness
Only the headlamp
Of a backhoe glowing
They are sawing on the wood
A tail of parking beams
I sit on a rock
Watching for a creepy shift
And I write this
It's my first night in Arunachal

Addendum: A drunken driver
          Sloshy track/road
          Vademecum of ravines

(It was a landslip somewhere around Tipi, as you enter Arunachal through the

Balukphong gate in West Kameng district...It was too late for the GREF folks to do

any work but some miracles happen all the time...The most terrible aspect to me

was the constant gurgling of the Kameng which I could not see but was sure of its

menacing presence...)

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