Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the statuette of sancta dymphna

I found her in a trashcan
nose, chin, pedestal chipped off
the sword still thrust down, in hand,
showing what she is composed of.
there was not she used to be
she was in a nook in the niche,
overhearing the pious pleas we
at the Lord and His Mother unleash.
when i retieved , she was decapitated
thought i'd fix it with a dab of glue.
her ancient broadsword incapacitated
we have to forge one new in lieu
to connive this inadvertent iconoclasm,
to fracture these embodiments in plaster
that sooner we may gaze at chasms,
our ways to the heights hamper.

1 comment:

bomma said...

well done kutta.. i can see the statue in my mind as i too have memories of it..
there would be more pearls in the trash than one could see in the glitterin world.. just need a bit of polishing..